Finest literary work of Amitav Ghosh which proves that he is a true receiver of A Jnanpith Award

    Amitav Ghosh
    Amitav Ghosh is born on 11th July in Kolkata and grew up in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is one of the most celebrated writers of India, known for his Indian writing in English and for the intertwining history and life experience writing. Ghosh is the winner of Shitya Akademi Award, Padma Shri Award and the very first writer in English to win the prestigious Jnanpith Award. 

    The below mentioned books proves that he truly spreads the magic while writing. Make these books a priority in your reading list just now, if you haven’t done uptil. 

    Fiction Books by Amitav Ghosh-

    The Circle of Reason (1986) – The Circle of Reason is the Ghosh debut novel. This has won the Prix Medici Etranger Award. This novel revolves around Aly, who is an orphan enlisted by his foster father as a soldier in his crusade against the forces of myths and unreason. This is an exceptional novel by one of the most celebrated writer. 

    The shadow Line (1998) – Another award winning book in the line by Amitav Ghosh is “The Shadow lines”. This book is the winner of Sahitya Akademi Award. Book exposes the idea of the nation state as an illusion, an arbitrary dissection of people. He depicts the absurd manner in which your own home can suddenly become your enemy. Ghosh builds an intensively vivid, funny and moving story. 

    The Calcutta Chromosome (1995) – It is an extra-ordinary novel of fevers, delirium and discovery. Ghosh takes on the avatar of a science thriller writer. And this book too is an award winner; it has been awarded by Arthur C. Clarke Award.

    The Glass Palace (2000) – The Shadow Lines’ has burst out on to the big stage with a major saga on that hidden country, Burma. The book tells about the story of a boy named as Rajkumar, which helps on a market stall outside the royal palace. Once the British force them into the exile, he is rescued by the Chinese merchant and with him he builds up a longing business. This novel excellently shows the picture of tension between the Burmese, the Indians and British. The Glass Palace is the novel which follows the fortune, business, relations and friends.

    Sea of Poppies (2008) – Sea of Poppies is a story of sea-tossed and homesick of sailors and stowaway, coolies and convicts who is sailing down the Hooghly abroad the Ibis on their way to Mauritius.  This book of Ghosh will show the legendary and epic adventure across the Indian Ocean. Through the journey, old family ties are washed away. It’s stunningly vibrant and intensely human work. This is the first book in the Ibis Trilogy which confirms Amitav Ghosh reputation as a master of storyteller. 

    This piece of literature has been nominated as the Man booker prize.

    River of Smoke (2011) – River of Smoke is the second book in the Ibis trilogy which has been written on a grand scale of a historical epic. Book talks about a storm which blows up on the Indian Ocean and three ships which are caught in the whirlwind. It follows the fortunes of these men and women to the crowded harbours of China where they struggle to cope with their losses and, for a few, unimaginable freedoms. 

    Flood of Fire (2015) – The third and final volume in Ibis series. In this Ghosh neatly connect the dots with the earlier series. It is well researched tale where many scary revelations about the English merchant in exploited India have been shown.
    An excellent book which should not be missed at all. 

    The Hungry Tide (2004) – It is the widely acclaimed best seller. Hungry tide is a rich and exotic saga set in Calcutta and in vast island in the Bay of Bengal. 

    Gun Island (2019) – Is a beautifully written novel which effortlessly spans space and time. It is the story of a world on the brink of increasing displacement and unstoppable transition. But it is also a story of hope of a man whose faith in the world and the future is resorted by two remarkable women. 

    Dancing in Cambodia and Other Essays (1998)- “Dancing in Cambodia” recreates the first ever visit to Europe by a troupe of Cambodian dancers with the king.  Ghosh flawlessly links the historic visits. It is the collection of five essays which are at their best.   

    Non – Fiction books by Amitav Ghosh

    In an Antique Land (1992) -In an Antique Land is clubbed with the anecdote and exuberant detail. It provides magical and intimate insights into Egypt from the Crusades to operation Desert storm. This non-fiction exposes the indistinguishable sites, which binds together Indian and Egypt, Hindus and Muslims and Jews. It is the combination of fiction, history travel writing and perfect anthropology.

    Countdown (1999)- Countdown spreads his focus on the nuclear dilemmas plaguing India and Pakistan with perfect style and precision. The book also includes a wonderful account of the Siachen conflict. The description of the perils faced by the soldiers and their feelings are too done in a very engaging way.
    At the last, book exposes strong ideas against a nuclear world and along the way will also enlightens you also about the tragedy that is India-Pakistan politics.
    Countdown is partly a result of these journeys and conversations with many hundreds of people of the subcontinent.

    The Imam and the Indian (2002) – The Imam and the Indian is an extensive compilation of Amitav Ghosh non-fiction writing. In it, he explores the connection between past and present, event and memories, people, culture and countries.
    In this compilation, Ghosh combines his historical and anthropological bent of mind with best of his skills to present a collection like no other.

    The Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable (2018) – The great derangement is the most recent writing of Amitav Ghosh, it explains the imaginative failure in the face of global warming. This non-fiction examines the inability to group the scale and violence of climate change.

    The great derangement depicts the brilliant writing to confront the most urgent task of our time. 

    Amitav Ghosh is so established Indian author that his writings have been translated into more than twenty languages so far. There is no way that one would think to miss out his books. 

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