Best Self-help books of 2019 by Hay House that will help you in becoming a better person and changing a life


In today’s fast-paced and high-stress environment, we see many people are involved in either counseling sessions or yoga or meditation for one or other reasons. And yes they do help us in feeling better and becoming a better person. But a better way to cope up is reading a book. A book of self-help is a need of an hour for every individual for living a happier and more successful life.
With so much choice, it is hard to find good quality titles to add in reading shelf. Here we come with the list of best 11 self-help books published in 2019 that will guide you on your self-care journey, and will help you to find yourself-

You’ll See It When You Believe It | Written by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne Dyer in this book explains how our beliefs and what we think about dictate is what manifests in our lives. “You’ll see it when you believe it” explores about how one can reclaim their life and fulfill their dreams. In his signature captivating way, Wayne shows us how we can get rid of the limitations and doubt holding us back and live a life full of self-confidence and joy.

Empowering Women: A Guide to Loving Yourself, Breaking Rules, and Bringing Good into Your Life | Written by Louise Hay

The international best-selling author brings a self-help book in which she reveals that true changes come from within.
In the book, you’ll see how Louise’s penetrating insights from decades ago are still just as relevant today. With such a warm and forthright writing, she demonstrates how women of all ages and backgrounds can make the coming years most productive, fulfilling, and empowering ones ever.

Deep Human Connection: Why We Need It More than Anything Else | Written by Stephen Cope

Deep Human Connections is a new book by best-selling author Stephen Cope. In the book, he invites us to explore the most important questions that are; What is the nature of the human connection? Why, precisely, is a capacity to connect deeply so important to the development of our minds, bodies, and spirits? What are the true mechanisms of connection that we must master during the course of life? How can our lack of connection affect our happiness and satisfaction in life? Can we learn to connect more wisely than we do?
Stephen depicts a stunning detail of precise mechanisms of human connection, which he distills into five helpful categories: containment, twinship, adversity, mirroring, and conscious partnership.
This is a book that will help you work toward a fuller understanding of deep human connection-and a more satisfying and fruitful life.

Stronger Than Before: Take Control of Your Healing to Survive and Thrive with Breast Cancer | Written by Alison Porter

Stronger Than Before is the book by Alison Porter who is a breast cancer survivor.
This is a much-needed book which provides readers with support and guidance for every stage of the breast cancer journey.
A practical handbook which guides you, your friends and family about every stage of the illness. Stronger Than Before contains invaluable information, guidance and tips, as well as tools and techniques to help you emerge from this life-changing experience healthier, more purposeful and stronger than before.

Managing the Motherload: A Guide to Creating More Ease, Space, and Grace in Motherhood | Written by Rebekah Borucki

Rebekah “Bex” Borucki, a mediation expert, popular YouTuber, yoga instructor and mother-of-five brings a book which is candid, humorous, and heartfelt guide to self-care in motherhood. In the book, she features her favorite healing and stress-reducing modalities, including her signature 4-minute meditations. Deeply personal, heartfelt stories of her struggles and tender moments raising five children will be highlighted throughout the book.
The author says, “She wants every woman who reads this book to come away with a feeling of confidence in finding her own way as a mother and a human being. Upon finishing the pages, the reader will have the know-how to create a path to happiness, freedom, and success that can be achieved not in spite of her tremendous responsibility as a mother but in complete alignment with it.”

You Are Enough: How to Elevate Your Thoughts, Align Your Energy and Get Out of the Comparison Trap | Written by Cassie Mendoza-Jones

You are Enough explores why people become so worried about what other people think of us, and what our infatuation with comparison can cause on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
The book will let you know that “You are enough” and once you start accepting yourself, there will be the shift to true self-acceptance.

Let Your Fears Make You Fierce: How to Turn Common Obstacles into Seeds for Growth| Written by Koya Webb

This book is written by holistic health coach and yoga instructor Koya Webb, which is the inspiring and practical guide to release the fears that are holding you back and achieve your ideal life. Using breathing techniques, yoga, meditation, journaling, mantras, prayer, and more, Koya shows how you can shift from fear-based living to fierce living!

Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy | Written by  Denise Linn , Kerri L. Richardson , Davina Mackail

In this book, you will know how to transform not only your living space but your life and relationships. Declutter Your Life as Modern Alchemy offers guided meditations and contemplations to understand your relationship with your physical and mental clutter.
Denise, Kerri, and Davina will give their expert advice, as well as inspiration and encouragement, for when the going gets tough.

A Little Peace of Mind: The Revolutionary Solution for Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress | Written by Nicola Bird

Do you feel like anxiety is making your life smaller? Are you always worried about the next panic attack? Or are you so stressed that you can’t remember when you last felt peaceful and happy?
This self-help book will provide you simple solution that of stop coping and start living. In A Little Peace of Mind, Nicola opens up about her own experiences and shares simple ideas to help you realize your own innate mental health and wellbeing.

How to Love Yourself (and Sometimes Other People): Spiritual Advice for Modern Relationships | Written by Meggan Watterson & Lodro Rinzler

How to Love Yourself is a smart, hip guide for spiritual seekers who want to experience more love and stability in all forms of relationships. This book teaches us to stay anchored in the foundation of self-love as you navigate the natural (and often stormy) cycle of a relationship.
At its core, this book is about learning to love yourself no matter what. Authors suggest that you are worthy of love, both self-love and the love of others.

Own Your Glow: A Soulful Guide to Luminous Living and Crowning the Queen Within |Written by Latham Thomas

Own Your Glow is an inspirational, actionable, and wildly enriching self-help book for a change. Celebrity wellness and lifestyle guru, Latham Thomas provides soulful principles that offer an illuminated path for examining life’s challenges, helping you curate your path to greatness while embracing your uniquely feminine attributes. This is a book which is bundled with rituals, meditations, and snackable lifestyle tips, The clear framework for harnessing your passion, developing spiritual fitness, and embracing true vulnerability is given in the book.
This self-help guide is for anyone who wants to witness her own life transform and contribute to the positive change of the world around her.

Make a better and happy life by reading these self-help books.


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